Jiayi Yuan

I am a chemical engineering graduate student. I find cosmetics to be fascinating. It seems like magic that a single product can totally change a persons feelings, adding confidence, or even disguise. I became interested in cosmetics, and joined the research lab during my sophomore year. I worked to help create the eyeliner featured on this website. Hope you enjoy!

Zoey Dawson

Hello! My name is Zoey Dawson, and I am a senior in chemical engineering and engineering leadership development. I have been with the cosmetics research group for two years and am beyond excited to help kickstart Unoia Beauty. Not only do I make cream and gel blushes for Unoia Beauty, but I also conduct research on highlighters and bronzers for the research group. My interest in Unoia Beauty and the cosmetic research group stems from my dream of becoming a cosmetic chemist for large makeup manufacturers. I hope that our makeup creations sold at Unoia Beauty allow people to express themselves and help them to feel as beautiful and radiant as they are on the inside. We shouldn’t need makeup to feel beautiful or confident in ourselves because everyone is amazing in their own way; however, if wearing one of my blushes makes someone feel good enough to smile at their reflection or feel bold enough to totally rock their day- that’s inspiration right there for me as a cosmetic formulator and creator. Everyone should get to feel that great- with or without makeup!

Paige Speckhart

Hello! My name is Paige Speckhart, and I am a senior in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Leadership Development. I have been working on highlighters and bronzers with the cosmetics research group for two years now. I am honored to say that I have the pleasure of working on cream and gel blushes for Unoia Beauty. I am a very down to earth kind of girl, and working for a company that focuses on simple ingredients that promote healthier skin is refreshing. I am also very proud to say that here at Unoia Beauty we do not test on animals, and as a vegetarian, this is an amazing thing to be able to say. I am beyond excited to see where this opportunity will take me!

Rosemary Campbell

I have been interested in becoming a chemical Engineer since the tenth grade. I always liked math, and when I was taking my first chemistry class my sophomore year of high school, I found that I really enjoyed it. As I researched what chemical engineers do, I found that the options are endless and decided that it would be a great career for me. My senior year of high school I became very interested in chemical engineering and cosmetics. After becoming more knowledgeable of the opportunities available for engineers in cosmetics I have been more passionate about pursuing a career in the cosmetic industry. During my freshman year I was asked by an upperclassmen what I want to do when I graduate and I admitted that I wanted to work for a cosmetics company. They explained an undergraduate cosmetics research lab for chemical engineers. I was very interested and began attending meetings and joined the lab the following semester.